April Fool by Joy Wood

April Fool
Joy Wood

Police Officer April Masters has one final job to do. And if she can pull it off, she’ll have the funds to send her son abroad for the treatment he so desperately needs to help him walk.

Working undercover on a plan developed by the Force and the insurance company, all she has to do is link wealthy gallery owner Dylan Rider to the theft of a stolen painting; her remit, posing as an ex-con, is to work as a cleaner at the gallery.

However, totally unprepared for Dylan Rider’s charm and charisma, April puts her integrity on hold and embarks upon an affair – only to bring him down in the end, she tells herself.

But someone is watching her.
Someone who knows who she really is . . . someone that could blow her cover.

The plan has to change.
She needs to become more resourceful.
Her son’s future depends on it.

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My Review of April Fool by Joy Wood

Despite the title, April is no Fool. She is, in fact, the antithesis of a caring mother. The way she chooses to provide a secure future for her child and her much loved sister is phenomenal.

The story is both gripping and entertaining.

The only thing that spoiled it for me were the graphic, tasteless sex scenes. I wish the author had left a little more to the readers’ imagination. However, I soon learned to skip over these areas as there weren’t too many.

Watch out for a most unexpected finale.

All in all, a very readable yarn.

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