Crazy Bird Stories Book 1 by Daryl Barnes

Crazy Bird Stories book 1
Daryl Barnes

About the author

I was introduced to birds in February 2008 when I watched Buffbreasted Paradise Kingfishers feed their chicks. It was about this time that I began to write poems about my life experience. As my interest in birds grew, writing rhyming stories about them was an obvious progression and it has led me to this, my first book.

About the book

The aim of this book is to introduce children to birds through entertainment and education. Having fun with birds in these twelve humorous, catchy and ‘crazy’ short stories will hopefully cement an impression in the mind of each child that will remain with them as they develop and grow. I have observed that reading to small children is most important and that it can sow a seed for the future. When children are older and can read for themselves they can then enjoy the ‘crazy’ stories and discover some interesting facts about a ‘real’ bird that is related to the fictitious one. This introduction to birds will hopefully encourage children and parent alike to seek and discover more about the large range of bird species that Australia and this planet of ours, have to offer.

Since relocating from Coleraine in Western Victoria to Mackay in North Central Queensland in 1996, I soon discovered a diverse range of habitats including bushland, wetland, rainforest and beaches, all within an eighty kilometer radius of the town. Of the many bird species that I’ve observed here, I selected twelve to feature in this book.

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