The Detective Frank Miller Mysteries by James Whitworth

The Detective Frank Miller Mysteries
James Whitworth

You would think Detective Inspector Frank Miller had the dream job policing idyllic Whitby, but the seaside town harbours many secrets.

From a haunting homicide inspired by Dracula, to the cliff-side murder on the eve of the town’s literary festival, these three twisting mysteries will keep you guessing to the last page.

The coastal town, a character in its own right in the series, is captured precisely and any reader who has visited, or would like to, will find a welcome companion in these atmospheric whodunits.

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My Review for The Detective Frank Miller Mysteries
by James Whitworth

James Whitworth’s stories were made all the more topical/memorable for me, because I once worked in a business situated in the yard of the White Horse and Griffin, a pub in Whitby, which features quite often throughout the series.

The author’s descriptions of the old town and surrounding district are spot on, and I was transported back to the Yorkshire I grew up in.

The two main protagonists, Detective Inspector Miller and his assistant, Detective Sergeant Riddle, felt like old friends by the time I came to the end of the books. I missed them sorely for a couple of days.

The cases they were involved in were plausible and gripping, without being too horrific. In fact, I was reminded of the Midsommer Murders series.

Other characters featured in the books are interesting, believable and, in some cases, downright colourful.

Any reader seeking a good whodunit, need look no further than the Detective Frank Miller Mysteries.

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