Where the Heart is, Book Three, by Tabitha Ormiston-Smith

Widowed, broke and unemployed, Fiona moves to the country to save money. But she is not prepared for the realities of country life… or for whom she will meet.

Tabitha Ormiston-Smith was born and continues to age. Dividing her time between her houses in Melbourne and the country, she is ably assisted in her editing business and her other endeavours by Ferret, the three-legged bandit.

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My Review

This delightful book is just what I needed to lift my spirits, during the wretched Covid 19 lockdown.

Twenty-three-year-old airhead, Fiona MacDougall, is widowed when her philandering husband, Tim, is killed in a car accident on the freeway. He wasn’t short of a bob or two, and Fiona expects her comfortable lifestyle to continue, probably more happily, without him. However, she doesn’t bargain for the lengthy legal hurdles, which occur when someone dies without leaving a will.

With no access to her husband’s considerable funds, she finds herself near destitute and faces the possibility of eviction from her apartment.

Her precocious, bordering on genius, testosterone fuelled brother, Patrick, is living with her because his parents need a break from his constant, self-inflicted problems with his school, and long-suffering teachers.

You’ll need to read the book to discover just how bad, and how hilarious, Patrick’s escapades are.

Together, brother and sister stumble in and out of trouble. To cut a long story short, Fiona is rescued by her grumpy, controlling Grandmother, who offers her a run-down cottage, rent free, at the bottom of her garden, in a country town.

Having failed miserably to get a job and earn some money, (thereby hangs a whole ‘nother, hilarious scenario) Fiona accepts her grandmother’s offer and moves into the dilapidated cottage. Accompanied by her much loved cat, Moses, and armed with her trusty Isabella Beeton’s ‘The Book of Household Management’, what could possibly wrong?  When a huge deerhound, named Finnegan, comes into Fiona’s life, the tale (no pun intended) becomes even more entertaining. When I wasn’t smiling, I was laughing out loud. My thanks to the author for a thoroughly entertaining read.

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